Thank you to all our backers

 We mean it!

We mean it!

Let us start by wishing you a very merry time from all of us at Virtually Free! While we have your attention before the festivities ensue we wanted to thank you very much for all the support during our kickstarter campaign. There have been a lot of you that have cotributed so far and we know already that many more plan to as soon as the celebrations are over.

We are very grateful to all that took the time to do it early as this helps improve our visibility on the kickstarter website. The more popular it is the better the chances of being featured on the site. The sooner we are featured the better in terms of more people who might need it learning about it.

The kickstarter campaign and the Phobia Free app have featured in a popular Spanish computer magazine, which was a pleasant surprise! We want to thank Gustavo de Porcellinis, the journalist who wrote the article, for spreading the word.

We also have an interview today with Sjoerd Arends, a freelance journalist who wants to learn more about the project. We don't know how he found out about us as we have not started talking to media about the project, but we are very grateful for his interest.

Also a very special thanks to Danny who has been blogging about it in his personal blog Danny Anny Mation!

Visit the campaign minisite on kickstarter to see how we are doing.

Drink, eat and be merry. Have a stress free time (sorry, we couldn't resist)!