You never really know someone until you film with them!

It was indeed a tough day of filming for the kickstarter video with some of the performers needing more make-up than others and some spending more time in front of the buffet than the camera.

I cannot officially confirm or deny that Andres demanded 200 red roses in his dressing room or that Richard started crying when told he would be second on the billing.

Whilst I appreciate we are on a budget I felt I had to suggest to Andres that digital would have been easier to use than the hand cranked film camera he had hired.

In the end the masterpiece was completed and with a few snips of the editors scissors Oscars await all concerned.

It is reassuring to know that even when the budget is bigger and the actors a bit more experienced things can go wrong and get all the way to the silver screen. These can be simple actor error as in Days of Thunder when two co-actors forget that Tom Cruise is a fellow performer and call him 'Tom' instead of his characters name 'Cole'. There are plenty of examples of camera men and stage crew making unintended appearances in the final movie: Harry Potter and Pearl Harbour to name just two. If you want to see some other classics check out this video.

We of course made no mistakes so there will be no amusing out-takes........

Thanks again to everyone involved for giving up their spare time.

 Are you absolutely sure this is a digital camera Andres?

Are you absolutely sure this is a digital camera Andres?