Spider Facts


Some people have a fear of spiders due to inflated and and often mistaken beliefs (for example: 'all spiders are poisonous').  Here we have 8 spider facts, one for each leg!

  1. Spiders are known as 'Arachnids'. They have a two-part body, four pairs of legs and two pincers, they come in many different sizes .
  2. Spiders have fangs and make poison, although  (depending on where you live) it's unlikely the spiders around your house are poisonous to you or your pets.  There are only a few spiders which have fangs strong enough go through your skin. Most spiders will only bite people when they are scared, and few produce effects worse than a mosquito bite or bee-sting.
  3. The Fall is breeding season so you may see more spiders than usual around this time.
  4. The are approximately 40,000 species of spider. The smallest are as small as a pin head in body size. The largest are tarantulas (warning, scary spiders on the other side of that link), which can have body lengths up to the size of the palm of your hand.
  5. Most spiders spin a web to catch bugs but not all of them do.
  6. Spider poison is currently being researched for its medical benefits.  Their web is also being researched for medical uses and uses as a material for uses in many industries.
  7. Spiders use a combination of muscle and blood pressure to move their legs. 
  8. Spiders are usually hard to find, preferring to stay close to their web in sheltered areas such as garden sheds.

Bonus fact: Spiderman is not real!

  Pic by   Horia Varlan

Pic by  Horia Varlan