Conkers and a well meaning wife

With the impending arrival of a new baby in the house the process of clearing out continues. We have a bedroom we mostly use for storage and my wife has very charitably suggested we clear it out a bit so I can sleep there when the crying starts, what a great wife I hear you say -- and she is.

Only problem is I really am not keen on clearing it out and the thought of sleeping there makes my skin crawl as it is the most 'spidery' room in the house. My wife -- who is intuitive -- has spotted this reluctance and last night produced in triumph some horse chestnuts (conkers).  She informed me my worries are over as they repel spiders. 

Being of a skeptical bent I checked this out and although there is lots of anecdotal evidence actual science looks -- at best -- flimsy. The best advice I found for their use was that 'conkers do repel spiders but you have to throw hard and have really good aim!'

In the course of researching this I found various things suggested such as oranges and peppermint oil but again science is lacking. It isn't really practical to smother myself in industrial strength insect repellent every night so it looks like I'm going to have to face my fear or go without sleep.

 I wish they did, but they don't!  Pic by  Andrew Dunn

I wish they did, but they don't!

Pic by  Andrew Dunn