Got a question? Here's some answers for ones that have been frequently asked!


Where is it available to download?

Thrive: Feel Stress Free is available on all apple and android devices. You can also use it on all computers and laptops via all web browsers. (We recommend Google Chrome)

How much is it?

The app is free to download, however after a 3 day trial you will need to purchase a subscription - prices vary depending on how long you sign up for. Keep an eye out for our social media campaigns where offer free months access to all of our followers, discounts for blue lights, student discount offers and more!

can i use it offline/on AIRPLANE mode?

Yes you can, but you must login before hand or remember to tick the 'remember me' box when logging in. Some features will not be available - Message in a bottle being one of them 

Will you be adding more games and content?

We are always adding more content and improving the app, be sure to keep the upp updated to see our new games, sessions, support sections and more! 

WHat is the age range for the app?

We recommend the app for individuals aged 13 and above. However this is only due to the language, we work with primary age children that use it with a teaching assistant. 

Why is there an alien?

Our research studies have shown that a gender and race netural alien had the best response from a user. 

can i add my own bubbles to the mood meter?

Yes you can! There is a button to add your own thoughts, feelings, situations and emotions to the mood meter. When you add one, it will stay for next time! 

what is cbt? 

Cognitive behavioural therapy - it is the process of re-training negative thoughts into positive ones. 

where is my data held?

All data is encrypted at rest and held in secure servers in London, UK. Your data safe with us! 

Can i use the app more than once a day?

The app can be used as much or as little as you like - all features can be used as much as you want each day. 

can i view all of my data?

Yes you can! If you click on the progress section of the app, you can see all historic data from different time frames. Be sure to check back on the good days and learn from the bad ones.